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Grunts in NAM

"With deafening roar eight claymore mines were exploded and then the marines fired continuously."

What this homepage is all about.

This homepage are generally created for me to have an outlet for showcasing my hobby - 12 inch Action Figures of all genre. Layman would immediately thought of GI Joe figures, which are not wrong. But how much this category of play things had evolved since GI Joe days would surely bring much amazement to you I guarantee.

Updates to this homepage will most likely be little and far in between. As much as I want to update it as often as I can, I'm generally a lazy piece of lard coupled with my slow-mo 56K dial up modem, updating of pictures are often painstakingly sloooow. Nevertheless, will try the hardest I can - lying through my teeth again LOL!!! Will try, will definitely try.

I am currently (as of 11 May 04) looking into revamping the site and remove/combine some of the pages for streamlining. Am giving myself a 1 week dateline for completion (yeah right!). My valuable visitors, ie you, may find the site a bit messy at times but all engines will be back burning by 21st May :) fingers XX.

Meanwhile, hope you have fun surfings the pages (",)


Collection Pictures - 2 items update 04 June 2004

Cover Page - Mural Picture change 13 Dec 2005

What I'm up to this pass year

Its been a year and a half since I last updated this site (July 2004. Today, its Dec 2005). You should have thought I have abandoned this place or sort of right? WRONG! hahaha!!

Finally after 4.5 years of working in Modus Media, I quit the job by end of June, 2004. That speaks for the date of my last update - with a little time on my hand before I started my new job. Started work again with Modus's direct competitor and its work work and more work since then. Absolutely no time to sit down in front of the computer for updating of this site. My apologies to all my faithfuls (as if there are any haha!!).

Even though I've been busy, I have not forget one of my great love - 1/6 action figure! Still busy buying up all the cool releases my money can buy. Just no time to play with them. It gets worst recently when the company begin to expand overseas and me, being the regional support staff, will need to fly often. And its not to those countries that have 1/6 round the corner, unfortunately. Therefore, it impacts on my 1/6 kitbashing once again.

OK, so much for telling my past year story... who will be interested in them anyway? Even I yawn while typing them hahaha!! Just wanna say - I'm (hopefully) BACK!! I hope to overhaul this site once again with nicer skins and more updated pictures. Till then, please stay tune!

For those who keep coming back to this site for hoping of any updates and always go away disappointed, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and apologies sincerely. I hope in due time, you will be pleasently surprise with all the new pictures up!


My Avatar

Since I visited several forums and my handle is Porkins73, thought using this avatar is the most appropriate. You may ask me why I used this handle since theres a gazillion other cooler character in the Starwars universe that I can choose from. I say theres none cooler than an overweight starfighter pilot! Since I'm a little pottly too... this the most appropriate hee.